Our Story

Life On Purpose Detroit was founded by Doris Hage, a minority business owner with a unique perspective on the needs of people in her community. Born to immigrant parents in low-income housing in a blue-collar city, Doris worked as a Career Advisor for over 15 years, helping open three Post-Secondary schools. Frustrated that if a student had a barrier, a fear, or a circumstance, no matter where they were placed in employment, they would be right back in the chair. She then researched what it meant to have a purpose, find oneself, and remove barriers. She discovered that cultivating life values and self-mastery can empower individuals to achieve their goals and become active community contributors. Doris saw the same success when she began working as a life coach and decided to implement it further into her initiatives. Partnering and working with the State of Michigan (Michigan Rehabilitation Services) and the City of Detroit (Grow Detroit’s Young Talent).

Every student and teacher deserves to be treated with dignity irrespective of their cultural background, race, socioeconomic status, or identity. Our primary goal is to ensure every student has access to the resources and support needed to thrive, regardless of their zip code.

We address the inequities in the current educational system in the United States, particularly in Black, Latino, and low-income neighborhoods where children have limited access to quality education. We recognize that this requires a personalized approach that leverages technology to create interactive learning experiences that cater to each student’s unique learning style. That is why our team’s diversity is important, because of how important our role is to meet our students no matter where they are. 

Self-Mastery starts with our team first! We leverage technology and self-mastery to improve student outcomes, and we are committed to working with local states and partners with the same vision to achieve this goal. Additionally, we focus on personal development and equity to ensure every student has access to the resources and support needed to succeed academically in a life-long capacity.