Meet the Team

Doris Hage

Doris Hage is an Intuitive Coach, Business Consultant, and Owner of Life on Purpose with Doris, LLC. She has guided and worked with hundreds of people, assisting them to discover their core, eliminating life beliefs, and getting people back to their way of operating.  Doris has spent over twelve years working in Higher Education and Post Secondary Trade Education, working with local Union job seekers, Veterans, Career Transitioners, Opportunity Youth, and Dispaced Adult Workers. She has built a powerful way of identifying the educational needs of others through Vocational Training. She has developed multiple programs, workshops, and classes and taught others about social issues inhibiting growth within a community or business.  

She believes you had a purpose before life had an opinion.

marty sheedy

Marty Sheedy was born with multiple congenital disabilities including Arthrogryposis and Prune Belly Syndrome. Doctors told his parents that he wouldn’t live past the age of three, and, if he did, Marty would never walk or function independently.

Well, he proved them wrong many times over! Today Marty has learned to live every day to the fullest, take the life lessons he was given and use them to help others.

Through the outlet of Project Scissor Gait Foundation, Alpha Omega Healing LLC, and now LIFE ON PURPOSE LEAD COACH, Marty continues reaching thousands of hearts as they join him in the journey of being a beacon of hope to others and inspire people how to face adversity and find their inner light.

With over 15 years of experience working and educating in the disability community, Marty brings a unique perspective and mindset to the LIFE ON PURPOSE team. He helps individuals align their purpose with their values, creating a meaningful life or company that has a positive impact on society.


Maxine Hankins Cain was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia to former sharecroppers. She is one of seven children whose parents stressed the importance of education and service in the community. Maxine started working as a professional in 1968 as a primary unit teacher with the Detroit Public Schools and has since served in the capacities of educational resource specialist, principal in Lansing and Detroit, Michigan, Director of Elementary Education for the Lansing District and Superintendent of Sankofa Shule Public School Academy in Lansing, Michigan. She received her undergraduate degree in elementary education from Norfolk State University in 1968; a master’s degree in reading from the University of Michigan in 1977; administrative certification courses from Michigan State University in 1993 and her doctoral degree in K-12 Educational Administration from Union Institute and University in 2011.

Maxine is a national keynote speaker and workshop presenter. Through the years, she has been invited by many local and national business and educational organizations to speak before youth and adults as she shares her expertise in the use of strategies that strengthen self-esteem, diversity and inclusion, empowering people to improve, and teaching our youth and adults by creating stronger teams: strategies that can be used in the home, school, and workplace in a manner that is both participatory and easy to put into practice. Her evaluations are always at the highest level with comments such as, “Maxine changed my life! She should take this show on the road! Everyone needs to hear her!” 

Maxine is Vice President of the Lansing Regional Sister Cities Commission, a very active volunteer with AARP, a member of the NAACP, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, the National and Detroit Chapters of the Association of Black Storytellers (portraying Harriet Tubman and Fannie Lou Hammer), and is a Certified Laughter Facilitator with World Laughter, Inc. She uses these platforms to emphasize the importance of education, the power of one to make a difference and the importance of giving back to the community.


Taurean Thomas is a motivational speaker, life coach, founding consultant at Saxony Consulting, and Co-Founder of Life on Purpose, a personal development company specializing in helping young people discover their purpose and achieve their goals. With over 20 years of experience in workforce development, he has a unique understanding of the challenges facing today’s youth.
Taurean is committed to providing students with the resources and support they need to succeed.

As a former at-risk youth, Taurean knows firsthand the impact that positive role models and mentors can have on a young person’s life. He uses his experiences to connect with and inspire the kids he works with, helping them build confidence, develop essential skills, and set meaningful goals for themselves.

Through his work with youth Taurean has offered coaching, workshops, and courses designed specifically for young people, focusing on topics such as goal-setting, time management, leadership, and self-care. His approach is grounded in the belief that every individual has the potential to achieve greatness, and he is passionate about empowering young people and helping them to realize their full potential.

Overall, he is a dedicated and experienced professional making a real difference in the lives of young people today. His commitment to workforce development and personal development is an inspiration to all who know him.


Sherri Richards is the CFO of Life on Purpose Detroit, LLC. She is also an educator and Business Consultant, leveraging experience working with best practices taking companies from worst to first as a “money therapist” and CFO.

Throughout her executive career, Sherri held a variety of leadership positions at Daimler Trucks of North America. As Founder and CEO of Rise Consulting since 2009, she provides CFO services to small businesses. This includes help to get started, find funding, or prepare their exit strategies. Sherri has helped hundreds of companies grow to their next level, even thriving through a pandemic. In 2018 she launched Good Fat Life, a lifestyle magazine and health and wellness company. Living a Good Fat Life is Fuel for your inspired, healthy lifestyle. It represents intentional living, making a difference in our bodies, lives, and the world we live in.

Sherri loves to teach and is an Adjunct Professor at Cleary University. To keep her skills fresh and applicable, she is working on completing her Ph.D. in conscious entrepreneurship.

She is also committed to giving back to the world of non-profits, where she brings her love of business to the non-profits she serves. These companies include Hearts Awakening, The National Arab Orchestra, The Positive Zone, and The Livingston County Choirs.